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After thirty years of head scratching and maybe a bit of head banging in my efforts to figure out how to evenly expose each particle within a volume of particles to an electric and/or magnetic field, I was recently granted a US patent for an Electromagnetic Reactor.

There are only two methods of energy transfer; conduction/convection [kinetic] and electromagnetic.

The overwhelming majority of industrial processing is based on thermal conduction.

Thermal conduction heats an atom or molecule to excite it into bouncing around until hitting another atom or molecule, which is horribly inefficient.

The use of Electromagnetic Energy for bulk processing requires each particle to receive a near even exposure to an electric &/or magnetic field, which has only been possible with small quantities until the EM Reactor.

Proper electromagnetic exposure can facilitate an electron transfer in 20-200 femtoseconds [a millionth of a billionth of a second] resulting in several orders of magnitude of energy reduction.

A few examples of what an EM Reactor can do:
- Kill e coli or salmonella in food or grains with zero or little heating of the food.
- Reprocess unconsumed human food into animal feed [3rd highest contributor of green house gases in rotting unconsumed human food]
- Process plastics into new materials
- Hydrocarbon and chemical processing in millionths of a second

The debut of the EM Reactor was a proposal to an unclassified DARPA project and was ranked 2nd out of 13 submissions. Second only to Argonne National Labs and ahead of all other national labs and Berkley.

The only known competitor to the EM Reactor is 6K Inc, who is considered one of the hottest startups in the Boston area.  6K Inc boasts of chemical processing in 1/100,000 of a second, but they can only process 30 pounds an hour.  The EM Reactor can process tons in one batch.