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Carl Bowden

Wichita, KS
Carl believes that everyone can make a positive change in their lives and the lives of others by becoming the best version of themselves and living out their purpose. He uses values-based leadership that seeks to transform and serve others to reach their desired outcomes in today’s changing and uncertain world. Carl always puts his all into investing in you and your goals and affirms it by exemplifying leadership. In his spare time, he enjoys learning from nature by hiking, traveling to new places, creating music by drumming for his local church, and continuing to learn by reading books on leadership and behavior change. Carl received his bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University and has proved to be a standout leader within organizations involving government, natural resource conservation, leadership development, and service groups in his community. He is a John Maxwell Team certified coach, trainer, and speaker and is continuing his education with a Master of Business Administration from Wichita State University to further help his clients enhance their goals and aspirations. Carl currently resides in Wichita, KS where he coaches and consults businesses, community groups, and individuals as the founder of Exemplify. Carl provides services including one-on-one coaching, small group coaching, leadership courses, and speaking at events.